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Upholstery Vinyl

Fix your old upholstered bar stools with our selection of commercial upholstery vinyl.  Cracked Ice vinyl is back!  Richardson Seating carries popular vinyl upholstery styles and patterns like Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl and Cracked Ice Vinyl.  We have vinyl for sale by the roll or the yard.  We can manufacture any of our restaurant chairs and bar stools with the vinyl upholstery that you see below.  Upholstered furniture lasts for years.  We stock Cracked Ice Yellow Vinyl, Cracked Ice Red Vinyl, and Cracked Ice Grey Vinyl.

Grade  3: Floridian, Rogue II 
Grade  4: Spirit Millennium
Grade  5: Expressions
Grade  7: Grand Sierra, English Pub, Seaquest, ColorGuard
Grade 10: Zodiac, Cracked Ice, Symphony Classic, Symphony Glaze